Before preparing your enrollment form for DASEP, there are several useful things to know and consider:
  • All DWI/DUI/MIP offenders in Arkansas must complete either a State approved education program (DASEP) or a state-licensed treatement program. The presiding judge determines this for each offender. Mid-South Health Systems provides classes (education – DASEP). Treatment is provided by licensed facilities such as Mid-South Health Systems, St. Bernards’ Behavioral Health, and the Northeast Arkansas Recovery Center. You should know what is in your court order (education or treatment). We cannot enroll a person in a class if there is a treatment court order.


  • Classes (education) conducted by Mid-South Health Systems, Inc. can be one of three types: Level 1, Level 2, or Underage. If a class has been ordered, you should know what type. Level 1 classes and Underage classes are a minimum of 12 hours in length — usually 3 four hour sessions and the Level 2 class is 16 hours in length (a current Level 1 class plus a 4 hour Level 2 supplement) making a total of 4 sessions.


  • Classes cannot be scheduled by phone. Complete the registration form (downloa here) and mail it to Mid-South Health Systems, Inc. with a $150 money order. You should indicate your 1st and 2nd choice of classes on the form. A receipt with verification of class enrollment will be mailed to you. You should bring the receipt with picture ID to the class.


  • If you have had one or more offenses, State law requires a rehabilitation certificate for each outstanding offense. A class will clear only “one” offense.


  • All classes require a pre-registration and payment. Usually for Jonesboro classes, there is a 2 – 3 week advance registration requirement. Walk-ins (without pre-registration and pre-payment) are not accepted at class.


  • Classes must be attended and completed in the sequence stated.


  • You can only enroll in a class after you have been adjudicated. The judge determines whether you should go to education or treatment. This information is not known until adjudication.


  • No refunds — if you have not completed requirements within 6 months of payment, you must repay.


  • Out-of-state offenders must complete the waiver posted on this website. If the state in which you received your offense (Missouri, for example) requires an assessment/evaluation, this also must be done before class enrollment.


  • For information concerning required victim impact panels, you may go to: www.armadd.org or call 1-855-227-6233 or 1-501-246-8810.


  • Information concerning your suspensions, interlock procedures, etc. can be obtained from Arkansas Driver Services at 870-935-9505, 870-239-9662, or 501-239-9663.


  • Faith based programs are often not licensed by the State. While they might provide good and useful services, completion of these programs (unless State-licensed) cannot be used to obtain a DASEP certificate.


  • The registration form must have exact dates of arrest and conviction. Approximate dates will not suffice.


  • Mid-South Health Systems, Inc. is located at 2707 Browns Lane in Jonesboro.


  • If you received your offense in another part of Arkansas (not Northeast Arkansas), Mid-South Health Systems, Inc. must receive a referral from the DASEP provider in that area before you can be accepted into a Mid-South Health Systems, Inc. program.


  • You must be at class on time. Late-comers will not be admitted. You must have proper dress, decorum and be drug and/or alcohol free.


  • Duplicate certificates cost $25. Mail your $25 money order plus your request to Mid-South Health Systems, Inc.



  • If you disagree with our records concerning your court order (education vs. treatment) call the court and ask them to fax us your court order. We will change your records based on the information received from the court. Our FAX number is 870-972-1616.


  • We have classes for those who only speak Spanish. These classes are in Spanish and should be attended by only those fluent in Spanish.
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    • MADD Requirement
      You may also be required to attend a MADD Victim Impact Panel. Call 1-855-227-6233, 501-246-881, or visit www.armadd.org for more information.